A Real Desire is  Non-Profit, 501c3 Organization geared toward helping people in the community by assisting those who possess "A Real Desire" to be successful and succeed.

Events & Services

Whether you’d like us to assist you with talent for your event, or have us create and plan your event, a simple call is all it takes. Stay connected with what's happening with the organization as we stay connect with the community.

Order your copy of War-Angel today on Amazon Smile by clicking the image below, and make A Real Desire Your charity of choice, or make a donation of $20 to receive an autographed copy. When making a donation, don't forget to include your mailing address.

Akbar Sanders (Dancer/Choreographer)

Our Latest Works

Do You Have It?!

Jason Jboy Carey

Janea Smith (Model/Mother)

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Felicitee Love of Be 100 Radio

Photography By: Matthew Carter

Our Footprints

We strive to leave our mark. We strive to leave a lasting, yet positive impression everywhere we go.  Keep an eye on our Footprints as we create a path for others to follow. You can also find some of our supporters stepping with us. Become one of them today.